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What guns can you u...
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What guns can you use?

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What is and is not allowed?

Topic starter Posted : April 25, 2018 7:01 am
Blackpowder Burn
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Well, it depends on what type of long range you want to shoot.  We have 4 different types of long distance match, and it just depends on what cartridges as to what is considered "long range".

  1. Rimfire Long Range - any 22 rimfire single shot, pump or lever action rifle with an exposed hammer.  We shoot at 1/2-size silhouettes with a maximum range of 100 yards
  2. Pistol Caliber Long Range - Any SASS main match pistol caliber rifle.  Again, we shoot at 1/2-size silhouettes with a maximum distance of 100 yards
  3. Rifle Caliber Lever Guns - Winchester 1876, 1886, Marlin, etc rifle calibers ranging from 25-35 and up.  As an exception, the Trap Doors are also normally fired in this category, but may be used at longer ranges if you have good sights.  Full size silhouettes or gongs out to 250 yards
  4. Single Shot Rifle Caliber - Any single shot rifle caliber shot at distances up to 500 meters (or 500 yards in the case of our range).  The minimum practical rifle caliber is the 38-55 Winchester.  The 45-70 is by far the most common, with 40-65 also very popular.  Can range up to the 50-140 - which is a painful experience.

So, you can get into some long distance shooting with what you have, and then justify to your wife why you must have a nice heavy single shot to play the really long game - which is addictive!

Posted : April 29, 2018 7:26 pm
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The long range rules and procedures are now posted and includes rifles used for the matches.

Posted : September 11, 2018 9:36 am