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Hope you learned your letters!

The last 12 Months of TRR Newsletters will be linked here as they are released.

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September 2019 Newsletter

So you want to be a better, faster Cowboy Shooter? TRR will be hosting a shooter clinic on Nov 9, a club practice day. The lead instructor, Texas Jack Daniels, will cover target engagement, transitions, movement and mind set in a class that is designed for the beginning shooter as well as the Top Dawg—wanta-be’s. Best news about this all: it’s free to our members and friends!

August 2019 Newsletter

And then there were Six! TRR has honored a number of its members over the years for going well past ‘above and beyond’ in helping the club. From building stage buildings, the pavilion and other structures to working behind the scenes to see that everything is ready for each and every match and maintaining paperwork (oh, the amount of paperwork that we generate) these cowfolk have always been “there” ready and willing to help.

July 2019 Newsletter

It’s only 17 days till our Independence Day Celebration, this being our 243 birthday. So dig out your red, white and blue outfits, decorate you gun cart and plan to whoop it up at Saturday’s match. We’ll be looking forward to rivaling the party they had in the movie McLintock!

June 2019 Newsletter

And speaking of Summer Dress . . . as our beloved weather forecasters have predicted 90 degrees for Saturday’s match we enter into the time of allowing modifications to the SASS Dress Code. The board decided last year the change-over point is when the temperature equals or exceeds 90 degrees.

May 2019 Newsletter

Why is my name in color and why that color? Way back in the dark ages when I put our newsletter together I had three objectives or goals. First: have the newsletter keep the members informed about what is happening behind the curtain. I feel that the less done behind closed doors the better. Sometimes I probably go a bit overboard in keeping you informed but I see that as the lesser of two evils.

April 2019 Newsletter

Well the Long Range Committee and a few folks with “strong backs and weak minds” spent quite a bit of effort in the last few weeks getting the long range at Willow Hole functional, working around rain and muddy conditions.

March 2019 Newsletter

Notes on Matches: The past two matches had several similar characteristics: both had a 4-wheel drive kind of feeling on the drive to and from the rain. Weather was a bit cool but nothing to complain about (I still
remember how hot last summer was!)

February 2019 Newsletter

The report on LSTR 18 will be coming out in the near future. Jan 5: Our initial match of the year was blessed with wonderful weather, get stages, colorful targets (if you see black & white as colorful) and people ready to shoot at stuff. The drive into the range was a mite muddy but no one got stuck though Nile City Slick tore up those things that go in the bottom of cars—still don’t know if he got it fixed.

January 2018 Newsletter

I think I probably just about drove everyone crazy with the more than one a day communications for the past month or so. Both the Nov 24 and LSTR-18 matches were well attended and everyone enjoyed the
cooler weather.

December 2018 Newsletter

October 26: started out 17° above freezing and ended up 130° below boiling. Twenty-three shooters made the trip to the range to have fun and “shoot at stuff.” Judge Pete did a great job with the before-match blessing and GW did an equally fine job of running the meeting.

November 2018 Newsletter

September 29th: with some cloudy weather and Comin at Cha sucking off the cream of the crop we ended with 18 shooters in posses of 11 and 7??? For some reason this sounded like a good idea at the time. I will say when you’re on a posse of 7 everyone works and things go smoothly once a routine is established—that took one stage to develop.

October 2018 Newsletter

August 25th: it was an beautiful day with mild temperatures and then the Sun came up but that didn’t deter 25 shooters with assorted companions show up for the “most important SASS August Match in Grimes, Co.” Safety meetings are becoming more compact and less wordy, I think because more people are laughing at BPB and TJD’s jokes — whatever keeps those two happy. I did discover I can be an active listener seated in a chair or standing up—sitting always wins.

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