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The last 12 Months of TRR Newsletters will be linked here as they are released.

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August 2022 Newsletter

Unsung Members: we try to highlight our members who brave the elements to mow and weed-eat the grass. Also, those who step up and offer help where and when needed—it is much appreciated . . .

July 2022 Newsletter

Just for a little minor humor – there are several of us that shoot the true,
original, environmentally friendly projectile propellant (known to commoners as “black powder””) on our posse. The newest inductee is GW Ketchum. Since I’ve claimed the “Ole Smokey” moniker the last few years due to the title of this column, we’ve come to agreement on the nicknames in our group. I am Old Smokey; GW, the next oldest, is “Older Smokey”; and Fairplay John, being the eldest, is now “Oldest Smokey”. Y’all greet them as such the next time you meet!

June 2022 Newsletter

We hosted the TSRA Regional shoot last month at TRR, with a good turnout. The purpose of our match was to raise funds to help put on the TSRA annual match at the Texican Rangers in Fredericksburg the weekend of July 30th. Please plan to attend that match if at all possible. Given the actions of the politicians in control of our country at present, the TSRA and NRA need all the support we can give them.

May 2022 Newsletter

We hosted the TSRA Regional shoot yesterday at TRR, with a good urnout. There was a short shower toward the end of the match, but it cleared away quickly and didn’t impact the match or lunch. All in all, a nice relaxed match with good stage writing by Cheyenne.

April 2022 Newsletter

Three Matches this Month: along with our matches on the 2nd and 23rd, we will be hosting a TSRA Cowboy match on April 30th. While this last one is going to be pretty much the same as our normal monthly matches, proceeds will go to The Texas State Rifle Association.

March 2022 Newsletter

RO I & II Class results: the weekend Feb 19-20, a number of our members attended RO Classes taught by RO Instructor TJD. Saturday’s RO I class was attended by Tyrel Sackett, Caledonia Red, Crockett, Ramblin’ Gambler and myself. Everyone had a great time while increasing their knowledge of our hobby/sport/obsession. See the next article about the two major changes in SASS rules.

February 2022 Newsletter

Yes, friends, we are again pushing back Saturday’s start time a 1⁄2 hour to give the temperature a chance to climb up the old column of mercury a bit. Also remember the plumbing last time was frozen so might want to take care of business before you arrive.

January 2022 Newsletter

This year the offices of President, Treasurer and Range Master will be decided by the adult members who have paid their 2022 dues. Each office is for two years. The actual election will be Saturday, March 5th before and/or during the Safety Meeting. Results will be announced by match’s end.

December 2021 Newsletter

Since Christmas falls on the 4th Saturday of December, we have moved up our second match to Dec 11. Be looking for further info this coming soon.
Presently our plans are to shoot New Year’s Day, Jan 1st, which is the first Saturday of 2022. It will be a great way to overcome any lingering effects of alcohol consumption from the previous night.

November 2021 Newsletter

Annual Major Work Day, Part Duex: again, referring to the email from Saturday, we have 3 projects that need to be complete before LSTR.

October 2021 Newsletter

Let’s talk about some of those non-SASS categories TRR recognizes: we have several home grown categories that you may (won’t) find at other clubs. Here is the list with explanations:

September 2021 Newsletter

Not Here Yet but looking toward returning to 6 stages: in the near future we will again return to those thrilling days of yore when we blasted away at 6 stages within our matches. The deciding factor has always been the weather so keep your ‘eyes on the skies.’