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Hope you learned your letters!

The last 12 Months of TRR Newsletters will be linked here as they are released.

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December 2018 Newsletter

October 26: started out 17° above freezing and ended up 130° below boiling. Twenty-three shooters made the trip to the range to have fun and “shoot at stuff.” Judge Pete did a great job with the before-match blessing and GW did an equally fine job of running the meeting.

November 2018 Newsletter

September 29th: with some cloudy weather and Comin at Cha sucking off the cream of the crop we ended with 18 shooters in posses of 11 and 7??? For some reason this sounded like a good idea at the time. I will say when you’re on a posse of 7 everyone works and things go smoothly once a routine is established—that took one stage to develop.

October 2018 Newsletter

August 25th: it was an beautiful day with mild temperatures and then the Sun came up but that didn’t deter 25 shooters with assorted companions show up for the “most important SASS August Match in Grimes, Co.” Safety meetings are becoming more compact and less wordy, I think because more people are laughing at BPB and TJD’s jokes — whatever keeps those two happy. I did discover I can be an active listener seated in a chair or standing up—sitting always wins.

September 2018 Newsletter

July 28th Match: We had 32 shooters at this match which is pretty amazing given the weather conditions at the range. Everyone came to have fun, play Cowboys and Indians and ‘shoot at stuff.’

August 2018 Newsletter

Matches report: Since we had three matches this time I’m going to do a ‘group’ report. Weather was uniformly hot and humid. Some of our members were adversely affected by these conditions but plan to return when cooler conditions return. Lorelei did show up to run the unloading table for her posse and the Happy Trails match had a few more attend mostly for TJD’s cooking.

July 2018 Newsletter

Matches report: May 26: Summer dress arrived about the same time as Summer and everyone was very happy the stages had fans. While we shot 6 stages we will be returning to 5 stage matches for the rest of summer.

June 2018 Newsletter

April 28: what a great bunch of cowboys turned out to shoot! We had 3 posses totaling 45 shooters so I think the spring time attendance has arrived. Some folks of note: Shotgun Willie Nelson was making his first appearance while Wild Card Wayne, Macon A. Longshot and The Major are returning after a bit of a vacation—good to have them at the range.

May 2018 Newsletter

March 24: a fun match with a good turnout of 27 shooters. Weather was cooperative and fun was had by all. Check out Suzie’s Pictures they tell the story of the match. April 7: (thanks to BPB for writing the stages this time) was a different story as far as the weather went. The weather ‘experts’ promised us clear skies (and still showed that at match’s end) but we ended up with id-40ºs and wind…

April 2018 Newsletter

Feb 24: twenty-eight shooters beat back the threat of rain and had a right-good time. Details are scare as some of us were sick in bed and no report was submitted by any of our world-famous reporters.

March 2018 Newsletter

Jan 27 Match: nothing like light rain, stiffing breeze building throughout the day and seriously mudding ground conditions to improve our shooting match. Twenty-seven die hards spit in Mother Nature’s face and had a great time no matter what the weather…

February 2018 Newsletter

Dec 30 Match: we had 25 shooters on the last match of 2017. Not a bad turnout as several of us were sick and with end-of-year events just a day away choices had to be made.

January 2018 Newsletter

October 28 dawned cool and clear with a wind that would set your teeth on edge…if you still had your teeth, that is. Thirty-Eight shooters made for 3 posses with enough folks on each one to cover the posse chores…