Welcome to the Thunder River Renegades Club Forum.  We’re a Cowboy Action Shooting (CAS) Community located in Planterville, TX.  Weather you’re already a club member or a prospective new shooter, come join in on the conversation.  Just please follow the basic rules of etiquette.

1. Watch you language, there’s ladies around here!
2. Be courteous to others and they’ll do the same.
3. If you want someone to respect your opinion, please respect theirs.
4. Please no spam!

We Moderate these forums regularly to make sure they’re kept clean and spam free so if you find an issue somewhere notify the admin or one of the Moderators please.

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Welcome to the TRR Forum! Come chat around the campfire with the rest of the posse.

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Welcome to the new Forum

Messages from the administrator and other useless stuff
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Rules Rules Rules

A Serious Forum to help provide clarity.
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TRR Match Convention...


TRR Range Alerts

Check before monthly matches!
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Range Info and Up-Dates

What's going on at the range.
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5/18/18 Workday resu...


Annual Matches

Big time in a small town!
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Last Stand at Thunde...


Town Hall & Soap Box

Meeting place to talk about general topics.
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Anybody got a shockw...


You want to trade THAT for a Pig!?

Our classifieds: Buy, Sell, Trade, Get Rid of, Give Away...
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For Sale Long Range ...

Dealin Lead

Guns of the Old West

Firearms used in our sport.
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Reloading, Casting and similar stuff

Roll your own, The What, Why, and Wherefores
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Black Powder and White Smoke

For those who follow the really OLD ways.
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Bore Swabbing Questi...

Blackpowder Burn

Wild Bunch

Where the 1911 meets the Old West
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Run what ya Brung


Western Three Gun

Where Shooting and Moving join up.
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This 'experience' ha...


Long Range

Reach out and touch some steel!
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October 2018 score s...


Big Heads and Bigger Britches

Heap praise upon yourself and others to no purpose and no end.
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? Clean Matches for ...


Clothing of the 1880's

What to wear and what NOT to wear.
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Earthwalker boots

Blackpowder Burn

Tenderfoot Junction

For newcomers to ask and get answers.
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Sight In Day?


Other Clubs do Exist (1 viewing)

Info on other clubs when once a month just isn't enough!
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How about other shoo...