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Trailhead 2019  

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Top Mens Overall:

  1. GW Ketchum
  2. Oklahoma Dee
  1. Tell Sacket


Clean Shooters:

Texas Rooster

Hopalong Ace


Results from the Main Match:


Tell Sacket                          “B” Western                                                                      1st

Outlaw Dave                      49’r                                                                                        3

Texas Drifter                      Cattle Baron                                                                       1st

Lady Ghost                         Cattle Baroness                                                                1st

Doc O’Bay                           Duelist                                                                                  1st

Texas Rooster                    El Patron                                                                              1st

Cherokee Jones                El Patron                                                                              2nd

Oklahome Dee                  Senior                                                                                   1st

Revenooer                         Frontier Cartridge                                                            3rd

Angles                                  Lady Senior                                                                         1st

Shotglass                             Lady Senior                                                                         2nd

Osage Mike                        Senior Duelist                                                                    1st

Frio Kid                                 Senior Duelist                                                                    2nd

Boots Cassidy                     Senior Frontier Cartridge                                              2nd

Texas Jack Daniels            Senior Frontier Cartridge Gunfighter                       1st

Fairplay John                      Senior Frontier Cartridge Gunfigher                         2nd

Bristlecone Jan                  Ladies Silver Senior                                                         3rd

GW Ketchum                     Silver Senior                                                                       1st

It was 4 days filled with fun. Hope to see you there in 2020!

My apologies if I missed anyone....

Ellie Mae

Posted : March 25, 2019 3:27 pm

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