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Clean Matches for 2019

TRR Scribe Moderator

Jan 12: Black Powder Burn, Doc O'Bay, Manassas Jack, Osage Mike, Rusty Elder, cheyenne

Jan 26:  Frio Kid, Lorelei Longshot, Neshannock Leo, Outlaw Dave, Rusty Elder, cheyenne

Feb 2: Doc Bury'Em, Doc O'Bay, Hopalong Ace, Solomon River Kid, cheyenne

Feb 23: Cherokee Jones, Cowboy, Doc Jim Harvey, Doc O’Bay, Hopalong Ace, Nile City Slick, Rusty Elder, Tell Sackett

March 2:  Bristlecone Jan, Colonel Mackenzie, Doc Bury'Em, Doc Jim Harvey, Doc O’Bay, GW Ketchum, Judge Pete, Rusty Elder, Texas Rooster

Mar 23: Caney Creek Kid, Judge Pete, Neshannock Leo, cheyenne.

April 6: Cherokee Jones, Doc Jim Harvey, Fast Tracker, Nile City Slick, cheyenne

April 27:   Black Powder Burn, Judge Pete, Neshannock Leo, Nile City Slick, cheyenne

May 5:  Black Powder Burn, Doc Jim Harvey,Fast Tracker, Hopalong Ace,Judge Pete,Lonesome Lefty,Osage Mike, Rusty Elder

May 25:  GW Ketchum, Little Billy, Nile City Slick, Rusty Elder, Shotgun Steve. Texas Drifter, Texas Rooster, cheyenne

June 1:  Cowboy, Little Billy, Red River Larry, Texas Ghost, Rooster, cheyenne

June 22:  Cowboy, Dusty Bottoms, Little Billy, Nile City Slick, Osage Mike, Shotgun Steve

TSRA June 29:  Angels, Cowboy, Crash, Red River Larry

July 6:  Cowboy, Col. Mackenzie, Crash, Show Me

July 27:  Doc Jim Harvey, Nile City Slick, Osage Mike, Outlaw Dave, Pappy Miles, Red River Larry, Rooster, Texas Jack Daniels

August 3: Black Powder Burn, Doc Jim Harvey, Little Billy, Pappy Miles, Red River Raider

August 24:  Brass Tacks, Doc Jim Harvey, Judge Pete, Manco, Red River Raider, Shotgun Steve, Sue Nommy

Sept 7: Rooster, Osage Mike, Revenooer, Red River Larry, BPB ,Sundown, Manco, Judge Pete

Sept 28:  Cherokee Jones, Doc Jim Harvey, Cowboy, Shotgun Steve, Preacherman Robert, Judge Pete

Oct 5:  Doc O'Bay, Dealin' Lead, Doc Jim Harvey, Dusty Bottoms, Ranger Bill, Cowboy, Blackpowder Burn, cheyenne 

Oct 26:  Outlaw Dave, Pappy Miles, Nile City Slick, cheyenne

Nov 2: Doc Bury’em, Baba Looey , Cowboy, Nile City Slick, Fast Tracker, Willie Cheatem, BPB, cheyenne

Nov 23:  Osage Mike, Texas Drifter, Cowboy, Red River Larry, Manco, Lady Doc, cheyenne

LSTR (Dec 6-7): GW Ketchum, Cherokee Jones, Dusty Bottoms. Texas Drifter, BPB, Col. Makenzie, Trooper Siegel, Doc Jim Harvey, Nile City Slick

Dec 28: Dusty Bottoms, Doc Jim Harvey, Cowboy, Little Billy

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