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Website Suggestions!


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Now that we've gotten the website cleaned up and brought together...what's next?  Does anyone have any suggestions on what should be added, changed, updated or gotten rid of?  Polls for any website additions are welcome!  We're always looking to improve so feedback is a must!

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I can't figure out how to not subscribe by default everytime I post.  I see the check box at the bottom, but it's always checked.  I don't like getting extra emails when I forget to uncheck it. 



It's set that way by default for the whole forum.  We decided to do that at the beginning to help encourage discussion until more people got signed up on the forums.  I'll have to see if they're ready to disable that now that people are a little more active again.  You can also manage topic subscriptions on the top forum bar under My Profile > Subscriptions to remove any that you don't want.


Having this as a subform isn't great.  You can't tell from the forum "home" page if there are new posts here.  I'd like to see all the forums indicate when there are unread posts actually.  Right now I'm just looking at the last post info on the right.  But the last post for this forum doesn't update on that page. 

Suggest just putting this thread directly into the welcome forum for a start.  Then if you get time find a way for it to indicate to u when there are unread messages. 



Morning RG,

I had thought about putting this particular topic under the Forum Help / Troubleshooting section just to make it more visible but I hadn't thought to move it yet.  Will probably do so shortly.  Just didn't want it to interfere with the general topics.

As for new messages, there a button on the forum bar at the top for "Recent Posts"  that will show recent and unread posts for any topics that have them.  Similar to the old forum the topics with unread posts will be in bold.  Hope this helps and keep the suggestions coming.