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Chance Taken  

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Spoke to Chance yesterday who sounds good and says he's feeling pretty good since his recent test proved that all that's going on has slowed down to the point there aren't any bells and whistles going off. This means he won't need the strong chemo but every couple of weeks rather than more often. The BIG guy says that strong stuff will really knock ya down and as tall as he is that's a long way to fall. Fortunately today he is feeling better even out trying to get some walking in with the help of what he says the "Wonderful" people there daily to give him a hand. His family are there 24/7 with also the help of neighbors he's camp has him covered.

We'll continue to keep this Cowboy lifted up.... 🤠 

Ellie Mae


Posted : May 4, 2018 11:29 am
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