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Extreme Cartridge Checker!

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I found a solution to my reloading issues with high primers and occasional split cases. Taylor Tactical Supply in Austin has the one I need. They make them for a lot of modern and two Cowboy cartridges 38 & 45 colt.

EGW makes some good stuff but they won't do a multi-hole chamber checker that is recessed for the rim, like the single hole ones do [Wilson, Hornady, Lyman, etc.]. I asked and they told me to hold their up to the light and look for high primers. Very condescending reply. 

I am not lazy but I hate doing more work than I have to. So checking every reloaded round is a PIAN! This way I can do 20 at a time. I sent them an email hoping they would advertise in The Cowboy Chronicle because I'm sure I'm not the only cowboy who hates chamber checking one round at a time.




Topic starter Posted : November 5, 2018 1:43 pm