May 2024 Newsletter

On May 30, Texas Rooster, aka Fred Hill passed on. He was a founding member of TRR, serving as our president from 2012-14. He was a hard worker who did whatever was necessary to make our club what it is today.

April 2024 Newsletter

The Texas Historical Shootist Society held Trailhead last weekend. It
was also the Texas State Rifle Association’s Cowboy Action Shooting
Discipline State Championship. They put on a very nice match with good
target placement, good sweeps, and great scenarios. The entire match
went very well. I encourage everyone to add Trailhead into your 2025
match plans.

March 2024 Newsletter

It was so good to get back out on the range after such a soggy month. It
was certainly a little cooler than I expected. But it wasn’t raining……

February 2024 Newsletter

As your TG I would like to update you on the recent vote regarding 3
changes to the SASS official rules. Yours truly voted twice representing
both the Thunder River Renegades and the Willow Hole Cowboys.
All three passed with Yea/nay vote as follows:

January 2024 Newsletter

For me CAS has always been an opportunity to; relive a little of my
childhood, not think about work (which I do constantly), see my friends,
and try to relax (just a little). CAS is both a competitive sport and a non-
competitive pastime.