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The Cowboy Muster
-Happy Trails 2018-

The Thunder River Renegades introduce an annual remembrance of our recently passed members. This match will be held annually to recognize and honor local cowboy action shooters that have passed on to Happy Trails during the past year. In addition all Cowboy Aliases will be added to a plaque on display at the Thunder River Range.

This one day shoot will include:

  • 6 Main Match stages and lunch.
  • The shooter entry fee will include the match and lunch.
  • All proceeds will be donated to an organization supporting the 2nd Amendment.
  • The club and landowner keep none of the funds other than the cost of the lunch.
  • As usual, extra meals may be purchased for any non shooters attending.
You may pre-register for the match using the registration form below.  Please send all registration forms and entry fees to address on the form.  You may also register the day of the match at the TRR Range although you won’t be able to make posse assignment requests.

All SASS Categories will be recognized including Cody Dixon, BAM (lead bullet only) and Wild Bunch. Awards will be simple ribbons to provide for the maximum possible donation to charity.

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