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? TRR winners at Trailhead 2018

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Howdy Y’all…  (part 3)


We’re just back from Texas Historical Shootist Society in Columbus Texas where they presented the 27th Annual Trailhead 2018 and Thunder River Renegades represented strong.


Men’s Overall -                  Oklahoma Dee

Women’s Overall -           Diamond Kate

Top 10 –                               Oklahoma Dee – 1st

                                              Tell Sackett – 7th

                                               GW Ketchum – 8th

                                                                        Diamond Kate – 10th

Clean Match -                    Texas Drifter, Doc O’Bay

Buckarette -                        Texas Cutie  - 1st

El Patron -                           Cherokee Jones – 1st

Elder Statesman -             Texas Drifter – 2nd

Cowgirl -                              Diamond Kate – 1st

Ladies Silver Senior -       Bristlecone Jan – 3rd

Ladies Gunfighter -          Mar-Lynn – 1st

Lady Wrangler -                Angels – 1st

Ellie Mae – 2nd

Senior -                                 Oklahoma Dee -1st

                                              Tell Sackett - 2nd

                               GW Ketchum – 3rd

                                Ranger Bill – 4th

Senior Gunfighter -          Brushy Creek Bill  - 1st

Senior Duelist -                 San Juan Steve – 1st

                                                Osage Mike – 2nd

49’r -                                     The Silvertip Kid – 3rd

Classic Cowboy -               Texas Ghost – 1st

Duelist -                               Doc O’Bay – 2nd  

FC Gunfighter -                  Fairplay John – 1st

Senior FC-                           Boots Cassidy – 2nd

Best Military Costume - Colonel Mackenzie


Side Matches:

Master Gunfighter Winner:  Oklahoma Dee 
Fastest Shotgun – Oklahoma Dee

Fastest Rifle – Oklahoma Dee

Fastest Pistol - Oklahoma Dee

Fastest Pocket Pistol – Tell Sackett

Fastest derringer – Texas Ghost

Fastest hammered double –Texas Ghost

Ladies Fastest Pocket Pistol – Lady Ghost

Long Range Winners:  Fairplay John, Bristlecone Jan & Ellie Mae

Couples Shoot Winners:  GW Ketchum & Diamond Kate

SBSS #1170--OGB
RVN War Games: 2nd Place
SASS Vet 280

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