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🏅 2018 TSRA Cowboy ...

🏅 2018 TSRA Cowboy Action & Wild Bunch Texas State Championship (Main Match)  

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🥇 Shadow Doc is the Wild Bunch Texas State Champion! 🔫


Oklahoma Dee: 1st Senior

Buckshot Sully: 2nd Cowboy

GW Ketchum: 1st S L (???)

Diamond Kate: 1st Cowgirl

Leadleg Vaquero: 2nd Wrangler

Brushy Creek Bill: 1st Senior Gunfighter

Texas Jack Daniel: 1st FC Gunfighter

Outlaw Dave: 2nd 49er

Texas Ghost: 1st Classic Cowboy

Cherokee Jones: 1st El Patron

Doc O’Bay: 1st Duelist

Kansas City Sneed: 1st Lady Gunfighter

Osage Mike: 3rd Senior Duelist

Lady Ghost: 1st Grand Dame

Mar-Lynn: 2nd Lady Gunfighter

Texas Cutie: 1st Buckarette

Shotglass: Lady Senior Duelist


In Top 20:

  1. Oklahoma Dee
  2. Buckshot Sully
  3. GW Ketchum
  4. Diamond Kate: TOP LADY SHOOTER
  5. Leadleg Vaquero
  6. Brushy Creek Bill
  7. Texas Jack Daniel

Also at the match: Trooper Siegel, Thunderhawk, Tell Sackett, Angels, Tres Equis


apologies if I missed anyone

SBSS #1170--OGB
RVN War Games: 2nd Place
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Posted : May 15, 2018 2:21 pm

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